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Because who doesn't love hot donuts? Really, I just noticed that Krispy Kreme had an API, and I wanted to know if the times when the "Hot Donuts Now" sign was on were predictable, so I wrote a scraper. And then I decided to make the information public so everyone could schedule their days around the "Hot Donuts Now" sign.


Richard Smiley. I develop software. rsmiley@hotdonuts.info


A site that is totally not affiliated with Krispy Kreme.


The beautiful city of Atlanta, GA, home of eternal professional sports heartbreak and Shaq's Krispy Kreme.


The scraper came alive Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 12:33 AM.


The scraper lives on the tiniest of EC2 instances. It detects when location data changes, and uploads files to S3. The site is served by GitHub pages, and the data is loaded from S3.